15          Death has come for her, but it’s left me all alone

15           I’m confused and I don’t know what to do

15           I hate myself slowly with each passing day

15           They all show up to watch me cover her with dirt

I don’t know what to say

15          I learn to keep walking even though they pile up on me

They all seem to enjoy my hurt

15           I’m not safe at school and I’m not safe at home

They all laugh and make me a joke

The verbal beatings begin to take their toll

But she died and left no plan for her baby girl that the world now slams

Her death closed her chance, so the girl just cries

No one cares as they attack her, so the girl’s spirit slowly dies

She abuses her body and hurts her heart

No one ever comes to her rescue

She realizes – it’s been this way from the start

15           She never planned for the one daughter that would be left behind

15           She wasn’t loved enough by the mother

15           It’s here the lesson was learned to never trust another