I swear drama is not my middle name, it’s Patricia

I am usually the first one on the dance floor. I can walk into a room and start up a conversation whether I know people or not. Within 10 minutes of meeting new people, most times I spill the tea that my father left in the middle of the night on New Year’s Eve and never came back when I was 3, or how my mother died when I was 15. Or what happened to me after my mother’s death. So I admit it, because it’s true, I’m a bit dramatic.

However, this day, Sunday, July 24, 2022 falls into the category more on my husbands speed, quiet and calm. He and I first did some yard work, then some house work, and then we decided to go out and get a late lunch and a cocktail or two.

We live in Frederick, Maryland for the past 21 years. Frederick is a quaint town with a charming downtown. Frederick downtown is packed with fabulous restaurants and shops, and Sean and I have visited them all. Our new favorite spot to go eat has been Magoo’s Pub & Eatery, and this is where this story starts.

Frederick, MD along with the rest of the world, has been experiencing a serious heat wave the past few days. It has hovered near 100 degrees. This Sunday it was in the high 90’s and the air was still and thick. I put on an adorable light blue sun dress, hair up, some silver hoops, white flips, and off we went. We parked down by the creek so we could take the nice walk to the restaurant. I noticed right away, that we couldn’t even buy a breeze. It was hot.

When we got to Magoo’s, I felt sweaty, but nothing too bad. As soon as we walked in, I forgot how sweaty I was and I was happy to be there. Magoo’s is small, but has a really cool vibe. Sean and I love to sit at the bar. The bartender was very friendly and we ordered waters and our drinks. I got a margarita on the rocks and Sean got a beer. We placed our food order and begin to enjoy our Sunday spontaneous date. Our conversation was flowing, and I was already telling the bartender about my new blog. See, I can talk to anyone! The appetizers came out, and we continued to chat. Sean and I talked like we always do. We’ve been together for 25 years, married for 23, and we still enjoy dating each other. When our meals came out, I was done with the first margarita, so I ordered another. I ordered their salmon burger. It’s delicious. It has thinly sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, and red onions on it. Spectacular. Couple bites in though, I started to worry. I became aware of the back of my thighs. Such a strange feeling. They felt clammy. We at this point have been at the restaurant for over 30 minutes, and I am curious as to why I still am feeling sweaty.

I told you about my adorable dress, and I thought, let me stand up for a minute. My thought was I don’t want to have my dress get all wrinkled or god forbid wet from my sweat. As I stood up, I knew it was about to become dramatic!

My face felt clammy and my eyes, they felt strange. I looked at Sean and he had that look like – ok, here we go. I told him “I feel a little funny”. He stood up and I just gently placed my forehead on his chest. As I leaned into Sean, things got worse.

There have been a handful of times where I’ve found myself in this fainting situation. It’s not a regular thing, but it happens more then it should. This time it sprung up on me fast. The only thing I remember next is having a straw by my mouth and someone other then Sean saying “take a sip of this”. This next sentence is just what Sean told me. He said I fainted, and he was holding me up when the owner of Magoo’s caught a glimpse of us and said “Is she ok?” Sean said “No”. She said “Is she diabetic?” Sean said “No”. So Jennifer came over quickly with a cup filled with regular Coke, which is sort of funny because I like Pepsi. I was aware of the two of them, so I knew I was coming back around. The sips of Coke had made me feel better. I continued to slowly sip the Coke and felt all the eyes on me. The bartender said to me that she thought I was just hugging Sean. I guess I have learned to faint inconspicuously.

Everyone was so kind to me afterwards. Making sure I was ok and offering all the reasons why this could happen to anyone. After a while, Sean paid our bill, took my hand, and we walked outside. He said to me as we walked back to our car, “I should have known to get you something to drink.” I think he and I learned especially during a heat wave, I probably should drink way more water, not drink my first cocktail with no food, and park closer to the restaurant.

I hope if nothing else from reading this post you have learned that if you are ever in Frederick, Maryland or its surrounding areas, please stop by https:magoosfrederick.com because at Magoo’s Pub & Eatery, they are serving up kindness.