The night the Counting Crows saved me

As it slid across

I didn’t feel a thing,

because my pain was already too deep.

My phone didn’t ring.

There was no knock at my door.

I was alone,

like every night before.

In the background though,

I heard his voice.

As he sang,

“Mama Mama Mama, why am I so alone cause I can’t go outside I’m scared I might not make it home”.

I turned and smiled just a bit.

Suddenly so aware.

I can hear the music and how he sings.

And for me, it’s like someone deep in prayer.

So I put the pressure on, and I picked up the phone.

Time passed and some of the broken parts got patched up.

I worked hard – I worked on facing every blow while

singing every word to each of those songs from the Counting Crows.

They truly saved me that night.

And still do today.

Their music makes me know that tomorrow there will be some form of light,

And all I need to do is stay and write…..